The aim of the workshop is to show and discuss approaches for "good" motion control concepts for automated driving and autonomous functions. A "good" motion control may consider a known map of the road, intelligent infrastructure, Car-2-X communication and restrictions, like speed limits, and should determine an optimal trajectory with respect to e.g.

  • Trajectories, Planning
  • Autonomous Driving / Control at the Limits, if the Situation Enforces it
  • Friction Potential Estimation
  • Platooning as example for cooperative control
IAVSD_2017_Workshop_Schedule.pdf (142 KB)

Workshop Format

The duration of the workshop is 3 days.

During the first two days of the workshop we will have a mixture of presentations and group discussions. We select in all 20 presentations based on abstracts after a call-for-papers procedure. All presenters have to submit a paper prior to the workshop. After the workshop, some of those papers will be selected in a peer-review process to be published in a special Vehicle System Dynamics (VSD) issue and should be representative for the actual state-of-the-art in the field of motion control for automated driving and autonomous functions. After a session of presentations working groups discuss separately the presentations in detail in order to identify open questions, possible improvements or extensions and related future research projects. The results of the discussions are briefly reported to all participants.

In the morning of the third day the working groups try to detail the conclusions on the discussed presentation. In the afternoon the detailed conclusions are reported to the participants. These conclusions are the basis for an additional paper for the special VSD issue.

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